CDN Benefits

CDN Benefits

Besides the obvious benefit of the speed for end-users there are many more benefits for online businesses.


Different domains

Browser will limit the way you connect to any single domain. You cannot work as fast as you wish, especially when you are downloading large files. You have to wait for one connection to complete downloading so that you can get access to another connection. When you use CDN, this arrangement is different which means that you can carry on with your tasks much faster. 

Helps in Generating More Revenue

A person distracts from your website from poor performance only and this cause for you a loss in generating your revenue. Using CDN makes this possible to sustain that revenue level and helps in generating more and more as you can.

Lower in Delivery Costs

While improving the amount of revenue generated, CDN’s also lower delivery costs. The loading of all traffic is not placed on a single backbone, it is distributed to edge servers to evenly distribute the load. As a result, the distribution saves on delivery costs.

Freeing up Capacity

Similarly, since CDN’s cause a balance by diverting traffic to edge servers, the capacity available from each server frees up due to a decrease in the number of viewers of specific content. This allows for additional users to access the content.

Files may be pre-cached

jQuery is ubiquitous on the web. There’s a high probability that someone visiting your pages has already visited a site using the Google CDN. Therefore, the file has already been cached by your browser and won’t need to be downloaded again.

Distributed data centers

CDN uses a series of localized data centers or edge servers to handle content. This for instance allows someone accessing a file in America from Europe to get it faster than when relying on an individual server located in America

Built-in version control

It’s usually possible to link to a specific version of a CSS file or JavaScript library. You can often request the “latest” version if required.

Real-time Statistical Analysis

CDN’s provide real-time load and statistics, show active regions, reveal which assets are the most popular and report exact viewing information with regards to the customer. Usage details are critical to the success of any webmaster.

Boosts performance and saves money

A CDN can distribute the load, save bandwidth, boost performance and reduce your existing hosting costs — often for free.

Less Lower network latency and packet loss

Since CDN’s place servers at popular locations across the globe and feature duplicate content, the latency is significantly lowered because users are almost always close to one of those servers. Similarly, there is less of a chance of sent packets failing because they will arrive quicker and over a shorter distance. This will result in less jitter, significantly improved video streaming quality and fewer network peaks and surges.

Improvement in SEO

According to hundreds of ranking methods of search engines in getting better SEO  rank it is required that your website is faster and responsive, and CDN makes this possible by giving better speed and optimized webpages to search engines.

Websites are more secure

Because CDN’s use a network of servers with many different  websites on them they are constantly attacked in all manner of ways, this has the effect that CDN’s security systems can react instantly to block the person from attacking your website.

Your Website 100% Online

Because the CDN System is spread all over the world there is no chance of 0.01% of downtime because if one datacenter is down another will occupies the place of that datacenter. CDN makes your website 100% Online and it is available all days, weeks, month and whole year.

It’s Easy to Setup with No Downtime

If CDN makes you ready to setup and if you are thinking that setting up this cause a downtime for you then be worry free because setting up it does not down your website for one minute. However there is chance that for some seconds it might unavailable but you won’t see it everywhere.

Super Charge Your Website for Heavy Files

As we are doing our job online there is chance that you may use big files on your webpages like very high quality images, big scripts and codes. Big files make your site slow and unresponsive sometime. Here CDN plays an important role by supercharging your website for heavy files.

File Mirroring

File mirroring protects data if natural disasters affect certain areas of the Internet. Hurricanes and earthquakes could cause significant disruptions to services in key geographical areas.