EnterCDN Manual

EnterCDN Manual


Improve your user's experience in terms of speed!

Ensuring a consistent experience for all your users is important particularly to professionals with international websites, or those wishing to develop their business internationally, without deploying complex infrastructure or increasing operating costs.

EnterCDN’s advanced hardware and always-on provisioning make a fast and cost-effective solution to handle your traffic.

EnterCDN’s technology stack is loaded with features. Whether provisioning new zones in our control panel, exporting data from our REST API, or viewing reports in our analytics engine, we have the tools to make your CDN deployment a success.

Login to EnterCDN

Login to your Account:

    1. In your browser, type http://entercdn.com/
    2. In the top-right menu, select "Log In".

  1. Enter your E-mail address and your Password in the fields.
  2. Click the "Log In" button.


Create a CDN

    1. In "My CDN" left menu, select "Create CDN"


    1. Fill in all the fields shown below.


    • Origin: Enter your Origin Domain name.
      Origin is you domain name ex www.company.com, company.com, subdomain.company.com
    • Hostname: Enter Hostname.
      Hostname usally is cdn.company.com but you can choose a different name ex images.company.com or videos.company.com or assets.company.com
    • Plan: Select a Plan:


    1. Click the "Create" button.

You have succesfully create CDN. It will take 15 minutes to fully Create.

Log out

To exit from EnterCDN Panel click "Logout" in "My Account" left menu.