How to implement CDN in Joomla

How to implement CDN in Joomla

Implement CDN in Joomla!

If your site is built with joomla cms...

... Now you can speed up your Joomla! site quickly and easily!

Follow the steps below:


1.1 Create a CDN

LogIn to your EnterCDN Account and Create a CDN. If you don't know how to do that, see our EnterCDN Manual.
Click here...


1.2 Download the "CDN for Joomla!" free plugin

CDN for Joomla! is an extension for Joomla! that allows for easy integration with a Content Delivery Network (CDN).

    1. First, click here and you will go to the "CDN for Joomla!" plugin page in "The Joomla! Extensions Directory" Joomla! website.
    2. In this page, click "Download" button.



    1. You will redirected in the plugin's author page. Click "Dowload Free" button to start downloading.



  1. You have download the "cdnforjoomla-v3.2.9" zip file format. Continue with installation...


1.3 Install and configure the plugin

1.3.1 Plugin Installation

    1. Login to your Joomla! Administrator Panel
    2. Go to "Extension Manager" in "Extensions" top menu
    3. Click "Choose File" in "Install" tab, as shown in the image below



    1. In the popup window, find the path for the file "" that you have download to your PC and press "Open"
    2. Click "Upload & Install" button to upload and install the file.
    3. CDN for Joomla! has been installed successfully!


1.3.2 Manage your CDN plugin


    1. After successfully installing, go to "Plug-in Manager" in "Extensions" top menu and find the "System - NoNumber CDN for Joomla!" Plug-in.
    2. Click to set up.
    3. Click the "Basic Option" tab, in the right side.


  1. Leave the "Site Root" field as it is "/".
  2. In "CDN Domain" field, type your CDN URL. (ex. The url format must be in this format "" )
  3. You can select filetypes you want, add Extra filetypes or ignore files in their respective fields.
  4. Finally, Click "Save & Close" button to finish.